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Awareness VR

WHY we do, what we do

At Awareness VR we believe that we all have a responsibility to keep ourselves and each other safe. Keeping ourselves and each other safe starts with being aware of our surroundings. And this is our mission; helping professionals and civilians become more aware of their surrounding and training them on how to deal with situations that are out of the ordinary.

HOW we do, what we do

Combining decades of knowledge within awareness training and virtual reality technology we create safe 360˚ environments where trainees can interact with their surroundings by identifying suspicious behavior and training correct response to a given situation.

WHAT we do

At Awareness VR we specialize in building immersive and interactive 360º video simulations for Safety, Awareness and Security training.

Together with our clients we:
- Write storyboards

- Produce 360º videos

- Program 360º content to become interactive.
- Finally we put it all together in an app that is customized to fit the clients needs and wishes.


Why use virtual reality instead of real-life training?

Research on the subject of 360º video concludes the following:

... We identified major advantages regarding student performance, motivation, and knowledge retention. Even more positive effects were reported for the person-specific factors presence, perception, engagement, emotions, and empathy. This gives first indicators that the use of immersive experiences for education has potential in all scenarios that require not just factual learning, but also a change of attitudes, emotional value, increasing interest, and engagement. ...

"The Potential of 360-Degree Virtual RealityVideos and Real VR for Education - A LiteratureReview"Johanna Pirker, Andreas Dengel"

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Copenhagen, Denmark

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